Is Benny Hinn adding one lie to another?

Is Benny Hinn adding one lie to another?

“The Vatican did invite me a few days ago. They made me a Patron of the Arts in the Vatican two weeks ago. And that’s a fact! A Patron of the Arts means you support the Vatican so they can maintain all the work of Michelangelo. I’m one of the guys now that supports what they do. And that is a fact. I was there, and we were taken around by a man named Wilhelm Kramer [or Cramer]. And they asked me, literally they said, “Do you know people that can help us financially?” I said, “Alright.”

Now here’s where I made my mistake: I let her [Paula White] come with me to Rome, so she can donate money. That was stupid on my part.”

Christian Research Services queried Fr. Mark Haydu,

International Coordinator/Director of The Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums. His response:

To my knowledge, Paula White or Benny Hinn were not invited to the Vatican Museums in any official context, nor did we find anyone on our donors database of Patrons under those names. [Original on file with CRS]”

“I publicly profess and forcefully renounce assertions that the recent trip to Italy to meet with Vatican officials suggests that the friendship is in any way improper or morally impure. We traveled independently to the region for respective ministry duties…

Since Hinn and White were ‘being made’ Patrons, they would have had to give the Vatican Museums money.
Donating would require real names or the name of their US ministries (donor money) and not the name David Solomon that Hinn supposedly used to check into the Rome hotel. It’s possible Hinn and White gave the Vatican a cash donation and phony names to become Patrons, anything is possible. But not probable.

If anything changes in this “I said/The Vatican said” discrepancy, I’ll post.

Update: Fr. Federico Lombardi of the Holy See Press Office says Benny Hinn met with the Pope in 1989 and visited the Vatican in 2008. DagenMaganinet July 31/10:

Some visitors will sit on the top row at a papal audience. They considered donating money to a major restoration of an organ. Hinn was one of them. If he gave money or not is unknown, Lombardi said.”


DagenMaganinet July 31/10:

The full story you can read here:

Benny Hinn a pure lie?:

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