Ulf Ekman exposed!

Ulf Ekman exposed!

This is the mixed up charismatics, visiting the Vatican and the pagan religion, worshiping  the Maria cult, and consulting the pope!

Ulf Ekman en hängiven Katolsk supporter, med gnostisk  förkunnelse (jds läran etc.) och med karismatisk förvirring blandar han om allt och bedrar dem som blindvis låter sig föras bort till de tomma avgudarna! Hans ekumeniska iver för människor in i katolsk mystik-lära och hedendom!

Det är vad Bibeln kallar demoners läror!

De har avfallit från Kristus, vänd dig bort ifrån sådana!

For we must not forget that, according

to the explicit teaching of Scripture, paganism

is really demonism. ”The things which the

Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons, and

not to God” (i Cor. x. 20), says the apostle.

A.J. Gordon

Jungfru Maria, alias Lady of all Nations vakar sedan en tid tillbaka över Sten och Maj Nilssons gamla villa i Storvreta som numera tillhör Ulf och Birgitta Ekman, grundare för den före detta evangelikala församlingen Livets Ord, Uppsala.

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Från en ung katolik:

”Vi står nära Livets ord och en del pingstförsamlingar i mycket, eller rättare sagt har de kommit allt närmare oss. Detta är en källa till glädje. Men det innebär inte att de plötsligt som samfund betraktade skulle börja anses som fullvärdiga medlemmar i Kyrkan. Livets ord har en bra ledare. Tänk vad han skulle kunna åstadkomma i Kyrkans fulla gemenskap…””Där tror jag Ekman skulle kunna vara till mycket stor nytta inom Kyrkan. Hans gamla församling får hemskt gärna fortsätta på den väg Ekman börjat leda dem in på. De kommer komma till Kyrkan, förr eller senare. Gärna förr – ju fler eldsjälar desto bättre.”

Med Kyrkan menas den katolska kyrkan, men det var kanske onödigt att nämna till er som läser detta… Det finnes bara en kyrka enligt katolikerna, och det är den katolska. De andra är heretiska kyrkor, sekter osv som bör omvändas , för att om möjligt inlämmas i den katolska kyrkan. Det är detta den katolska enheten går ut på, och den inkluderar all världens religioner.

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Roman Catholic Charismatics

My Testimony of Working with Charismatic Catholics

By Bill Scudder Dayton, Ohio, USA.

Mary becomes the focus and Universalism


Hednisk mystik-religion karismatisk/ekumenisk villfarelse, förvirring!


The Reformation View of Roman Catholicism

From the works of Martin Luther (1483-1546)What is the whole papacy but a beautiful false front and a deceptively glittering holiness under which the wretched devil lies in hiding? The devil always desires to imitate God in this way. He cannot bear to observe God speaking. If he cannot prevent it or hinder God’s Word by force, he opposes it with a semblance of piety, takes the very words God had spoken and so twist them as to peddle his lies and poison under their name. (What Luther Says, II: 10007)

Since the papal church not only neglects the command of Christ but even compels the people to ignore it and to act against it, it is certain that it is not Christ’s church but the synagogue of Satan which prescribes sin and prohibits righteousness. It clearly and indisputably follows that it must be the abomination of Antichrist and the furious harlot of the devil. (What Luther Says, II: 1019)

The negotiation about doctrinal agreement displeases me altogether, for this is utterly impossible unless the pope has his papacy abolished. Therefore avoid and flee those who seek the middle of the road. Think of me after I am dead and such middle-of-the-road men arise, for nothing good will come of it. There can be no compromise. (What Luther Says, II: 1019)

Let him who does not want to be lost and go to the devil be on his guard with all diligence and earnestness against the papacy and its doctrine, and let him never again accept even the most insignificant and smallest part of the papacy’s teaching, no matter what it may cost him. Let him flee from the papacy and its following as from the devil incarnate himself, and let him by no means be silenced by the sweet, slippery words of hypocrites or be persuaded that yielding and conceding something for the sake of peace is a matter of little consequence and that the bond of love should not be disrupted for the sake of something trifling (as they represent and rationalize this to be). Come now, there is assuredly no joking in this matter; eternal salvation and eternal damnation are involved. (What Luther Says, II:1019-1020)

Can anything more horrible be said than that the kingdom of the papists is the kingdom of those who spit at Christ, the Son of God, and crucify Him anew? For they do crucify Christ…in themselves, in the church…and in the hearts of the faithful…Therefore let everyone who is honestly given to piety flee out of this Babylon as quickly as possible…. For so great are its impurity and its abomination that no one can express them in words; they can be discerned only by eyes that are spiritual. (What Luther Says, II: 1020)

My dear pope, I will kiss your feet and acknowledge you as supreme bishop if you will worship my Christ and grant that through His death and resurrection, not through keeping your traditions, we have forgiveness of sins and life eternal. If you will yield on this point, I shall not take away your crown and power; if not, I shall constantly cry out that you are the Antichrist, and I shall testify that your whole cult and religion are only a denial of God, but also the height of blasphemy against God and idolatry. (What Luther Says, II: 1069)

Ah, my dear brother in Christ, bear with me if here or elsewhere I use such coarse language when speaking of the wretched, confronted, atrocious monster at Rome! He who knows my thoughts must say that I am much, much, much too lenient and have neither words nor thought adequately to describe the shameful, abominable blasphemy to which he subjects the Word and name of Christ, our dear Lord and Savior. There are some Christians, wicked Christians indeed, who now would gloss things over to make the pope appear against in a good light and who, after he does so and has been dragged out of the mud, would like to reinstate him on the altar. But they are wicked people, whoever they may be, who defend the pope and want me to be quiet about the means whereby he has done harm. Truly, I cannot do this. All true, pious Christians, who love Christ and His Word, should, as said, be sincerely hostile to the pope. They should persecute him and injure him…. All should do this in their several calling, to the best of their ability, with all faithfulness and diligence. (What Luther Says, II: 1072)

What kind of a church is the pope’s church? It is an uncertain, vacillating and tottering church. Indeed, it is a deceitful, lying church, doubting and unbelieving, without God’s Word. For the pope with his wrong keys teaches his church to doubt and to be uncertain. If it is a vacillating church, then it is not the church of faith, for the latter is founded upon a rock, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it (Matt.16:18). If it is not the church of faith, then it is not the Christian church, but it must be an unchristian, anti-Christian, and faithless church which destroys and ruins the real, holy, Christian church. (Luther’s Works, vol. 40, Church and Ministry II, The Keys, p.348)

All this is to be noted carefully, so that we can treat with contempt the filthy, foolish twaddle that the popes present in their decrees about their Roman church, that is, about their devil’s synagogue (Rev.2:9), which separates itself from common Christendom and the spiritual edifice built up on this stone, and instead invents for itself a fleshly worldly, worthless, lying, blasphemous, idolatrous authority over all of Christendom. One of these two things must be true: if the Roman church is not built on this rock along with the other churches, then it is the devil’s church; but if it is built, along with all the other churches, on this rock, then it cannot be lord or head over the other churches. For Christ the cornerstone knows nothing of two unequal churches, but only of one church alone, just as the Children’s Faith, that is, the faith of all of Christendom, says, ”I believe in one holy, Christian church,” and does not say, ”I believe in one holy Roman church.” The Roman church is and should be one portion or member of the holy Christian church, not the head, which befits solely Christ the cornerstone. If not, it is not a Christian but an UN-Christian and anti-Christian church, that is, a papal school of scoundrels. (Luther’s Works, Volume 41, Church and Ministry III, Against The Roman Papacy, An Institution Of The Devil, p.311)

These arrogant and unlearned papists can’t govern the church because they write nothing, they read nothing, but, firmly saddled in the pride of possession, they cry out that the decrees of the fathers are not to be questioned and decisions made are not to be disputed, otherwise one would have to dance to the tune of every little brother.
For this reason the pope, possessed by demons, defends his tyranny with the canon ”Si papa.” This canon states clearly: if the pope should lead the whole world into the control of hell, he is nevertheless not to be contradicted. It’s a terrible thing that on account of the authority of this man we must lose our souls, which Christ redeemed with his precious blood. Christ says, ”I will not cast out anybody who comes to me” (John 6:37). On the other hand, the pope says, ”As I will it, so I command it; you must perish rather than resist me.” Therefore the pope, whom our princes adore, is full of devils. He must be exterminated by the Word and by prayer.(Luther’s Works, vol.54, Table Talk, No.441, p.330)

I believe the pope is the masked and incarnate devil because he is the Antichrist. As Christ is God incarnate, so the Antichrist is the devil incarnate. The words are really spoken of the pope when it’s said that he’s a mixed god, an earthly god, that is, a god of the earth. Here god is understood as god of this world. Why does he call himself an earthly god, as if the one, almighty God weren’t also on the earth? The kingdom of the pope really signifies the terrible wrath of God, namely, the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place. (Luther’s Works, vol.54, Table Talks, No.4487, p.346)

The Broad Road of Tolerance and Compromise

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